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  •  You have a lot of very interesting material (1+ / 0-)
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    I would however want to see evidence tying it together with Cheney's desire to implicate the Iranians, which you don't have as far as I can see. Still, as you say, there are a lot of jumping off places in this material, much of which I didn't know about previously. Excellent digging, even if I'm not ready to buy your theory.

    •  Tying it to Cheney (1+ / 0-)
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      I've been following Cheney quite closely for a couple of years.

      I never finished this series, but I have more research which is unpublished.

      There are too many coincidences.

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      In order to tie the current nuclear smuggling to Cheney, we would have to find out who those air force officers are who are on the hook for the missing nuclear weapons parts. Gates didn't name them, and I've seen no other reporting about it. Maybe there is somewhere we could research who (in the military) is in charge of what.

      Of course, there is another route. One could research the associations of the Iranians who have been outed, and check their associations, to see if any names pop up that have past associations with Cheney or people who have connections to Cheney.

      Big job. That's why I published the list of Iranians.

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