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  •  kangaroos (2+ / 0-)
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    Overseas, Stranded Wind

    while everybody's so worried about the US housing market disaster, I prefer to send money to help the kangaroos who are losing their homes as we write. Their  homes are only worth 10 percent of original mortgage value, and worse than California Christmas trees blazing out of control is a kangaroo's grassy home up in flames. Currently, these angry bounders are boarding boats and immigrating to America for opportunity and to grab some housing while the prices are low. At least that will help alleviate the abundance of for sale signs in my neighborhood.

    •  bounding (1+ / 0-)
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      Shouldn't you be out bounding around a hay field somewhere?

    •  It is the deer in our area (2+ / 0-)
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      Stranded Wind, Peacerunner

      Houses have been built near our woods and there are less and less places for them to live.  

      A group of them come to a thick tree area every night behind our house. We see them from inside the house, we never go near them. We don't want them to trust people.  We have a spring that has a trickle of water that goes into a low solid rock area that catches water. That is where they drink from.  

      My husband puts out a salt block for them.  We want them to know they have somewhere to hide.

      November is deer season here. I dread it.

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