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View Diary: Does Wall Street come apart next week? (55 comments)

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    I really hoped this one would make the rec list based on its release time ... maybe next weekend will do the trick :-)

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      Stranded Wind

      you will be able to get past the human inclinations to avoid what we do not understand and what scares us to death..

      The current unwinding of structured finance is like a global warming implosion that happens over a 24-48 month time span in total..

      * NOTE:  A key factor to the Australian impact will be the drive to mark to market "securities being held to maturity".  It is the differential treatment of structured financial products by their accounting classification that is the finger in the dam.  A quick look at institutions like WaMu, Merrill Lynch, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi and Fannie/Freddie will reveal how the linchpins of global finance have attempted to diffuse the implosion.

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        I have a whole shwack of diaries about the founding of the Stranded Wind Initiative, my personal health travails, my travels, and finance ... was just sitting here whipping it into a format that I can hand to those editor people ... I am a systems thinker and I get it, perhaps better than I express here, but I'm aiming at a target audience ...

        Meh. I should go outside and play.

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