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View Diary: The Obama Bounce Continues +12 and + 41, Updated (184 comments)

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  •  Race Stability w/few pts edge is good 4 Obama... (0+ / 0-)

    Of course, a wider stable lead of a dozen points or so would be still better than a narrower, but consistent stable lead averaging four to five points.

    NEVERTHELESS the good thing about the relative stability of Obama's lead this deep into the summer is that it indicates how ineffective republican attempts to sabatoge Obama's image have been so far - and they don't really have much material to build anything from that they hasn't been well-mined already.  The Rethugs have just a little over a week left to try to alter the current dynamic before the Olympics further eclipse close attention to the race by most of the public until the Conventions around the end of August.

    As nasty, unfair, and hazardous as the Rev. Wright matter was last spring, the fact that the controversy came to the fore BACK THEN, RELATIVELY EARLY, RATHER THAN LATER (like Kerry's Swift Boating) - turns out to be very fortunate.  That which didn't kill Obama (including not just Wright, but Hillary) has in the end, indeed made him much, much stronger and hard to kill, especially with a political climate so much more favorable to Obama than McCain.

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