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  •  It appears as though (6+ / 0-)

    it is hard to fire folks when companies whole "productivity modeling" is based upon having as few folks on the rolls as possible.
    In previous downturns there were many more aspects of the business model that could be trimmed.  Not so this time as the belief that this most recent "recovery" has indeed been a jobless one is confirmed.
    Count me among the citizens that subscribe to the notion that 2 jobs as Wal Mart, without benefits do not replace the one decent job at RCA building TV's with benefits and hardly reflect any sort of real "employment gains" within the economy.
    I would further subscribe to the notion that any measurement of domestic production/consumption must now take into account where the products & services we consume are manufactured/produced and the effects of wage/price inflation/deflation in those markets upon our market as the end user of these goods & services.


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