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  •  Remember Cong. Tim Murphy's (R-PA) Iraq accident? (0+ / 0-)

    From Wikipedia:

    On November 26, 2005, Murphy was injured during a traffic accident in Iraq while riding in a van along with fellow congressmen Jim Marshall and Ike Skelton. The van swerved off the road to avoid an oncoming vehicle and overturned, injuring Murphy and Skelton. The two were airlifted to Ibn Sina hospital in Baghdad. The driver of Murphy's bus suspected a car riding alongside the bus was a suicide bomber, and drove off the road on purpose.

    After an MRI indicated head and neck injuries, Murphy was flown to the US Military's Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany for further tests. These tests indicated no permanent damage. After wearing a neck brace for a brief period, Murphy made a full recovery.

    A letter writer to Stars & Stripes complained about a congressman's behavior as he was being cared for at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center after the Iraq accident. The writer said this congressman had not visited wounded soldiers a mere 15 feet away from him but rather spent his time at the hospital using the soldiers' and Iraqis' suffering as an excuse to promote the US war against Iraq on CNN.

    The writer did not name the congressman, but based on public information we can figure out that he was most likely Republican Tim Murphy.

    I posted on this subject in 2005, to include the Stripes letter, here.  Based on the information provided at the link, it's a near certainty that Rep. Murphy was guilty of that which the McCain camp now accuses Obama--not caring about nor taking time for the troops--not to mention, Murphy was also guilty of doing what Obama went out of his way to avoid...using the troops for political policy advantage.

    "Whether ours shall be a government of laws and not of men is now for Congress and ultimately the American people."--Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox

    by lebkuchen on Tue Jul 29, 2008 at 07:26:44 AM PDT

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