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  •  When you retire (0+ / 0-)

    after 20 years of active military service a retirement physical is mandatory.  

    He had no choice..

    Upon reflection, the really interesting thing here is that he was so disabled at the time of his retirement that he qualified for a full 100% disability retirement.  Further,  it is quite possible that he was not medically qualified for the positions the he did hold after his return from Hanoi.

    Especially during the period when he was serving as an Air Group Commander, a position that works as a "choke point" for senior rank advancement and is one of the most coveted in all Naval aviation.  That position required being qualified for flight status.  Active and continuous medical qualification for Naval flight status is one of the most rigorous medical standards in all of the military.  One has to wonder if the fitness for duty standards were loosened in a way that placed himself, military aircraft and the pilots he served with at potential risk just so he could be the third from his family in a row to achieve the rank of Admiral, a main goal of his family since he enrolled at Annapolis.

    After that assignment came his tour at the capital as Naval liaison.  If McCain were eligible for the level of disability retirement that he was awarded upon retirement then he must have either been medically unqualified for duty or given a waiver of physical qualifications in order to remain on active duty.

    Now then, one of his campaign advisor's, the Secretary of the Navy form that time has attempted to say that McCain was in the pipeline for his first star after only 2.5 years when this promotion never comes before 4-5 years.  This is noteworthy because if McCain was serving with a physical disabilities waiver then any serious contention that he was under consideration for his flag would be beyond pure nonsense.  We must remember that the military viewed serving with severe disabilities much differently then.  Which makes many of McCain's assignments post Hanoi questionable and there would most definitely be a paper trail that we have not yet seen.

    John McCain's medical duty status, fitness reports and job performance ratings along with the results of the investigations conducted after his crashes and any waivers of his physical qualifications for duty would be contained within the missing pages of his service record that has been released in part.

    Thank you hannah for the mental trigger...

    There may indeed be some worthy 411 here.

    I appreciate your patience as I worked through this mental thread...

    •  We all rely on people who know more than we do. (1+ / 0-)
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      Although I sent two sons to the Army (before the invasions in the Gulf, thank God), the only thing I know is that the youngest came home with a five inch stack of documents and explained that the military is not very good at record keeping.  So, it was important to keep one's own.  LOL

      How do you tell a predator from a protector? The predator will eat you sooner rather than later.

      by hannah on Tue Jul 29, 2008 at 02:50:46 PM PDT

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      •  Being able to document my own case (0+ / 0-)

        was essential in developing a good claim with the VA.
        I did GW1, blew up a bunch of chemical weapons there.
        My son is an active duty Marine preparing for probable deployment to Afghanistan.
        Time to add a blue star to the silver star in our front window.

        Take care my dear fellow citizen.  I am so pleased your family is safe & intact.


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