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    1.  Why is life deteriorating for women even more quickly than for men in the U. S. according to these statistics?

    Well, for a start, because men are more vulnerable to most life-shortening diseases than women anyway, so medical advances therefor raise Men's life expectancies enough to cancel out the drawbacks of increased poverty, obesity, etc. which are threatening lives in many counties. (Other reasons include that women now work more than they used to, and work leads to stress and stress leads to death. Actually, sometimes work leads to death in of itself, because commuting is dangerous (cars kill 40,000 people a year) and some jobs are even more dangerous.)

    1. Why do Americans let themselves be worked harder by their masters and accept less in return than their counterparts in European countries?

    Because Americans are ingrained with the ideal of a classless society, and so virtually every American, no matter how poor, labors under the delusion that they can be rich one day if they work hard enough. Why tax the rich if you expect to be rich one day?

    1. Why is America, as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King pointed out, the greatest perpetrator of violence in the world?

    That's an extremely difficult charge to prove. Hello, Sudan? Congo? Come on. Anyway, it's mostly because America is an extremely secure nation, which means that it has no real reason to fear war, and so is far more eager to engage in it than most nations.

    1. Why does neither major political party nor any major media outlet speak about these facts?

    Because these facts are unpopular, and people don't give money to candidates or organizations that they don't like.

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