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    I'll share something embarrasing from my younger days.

    I was on a limited budget one summer in a room provided by my job.  I was doing 8-14 hours of manual labor and I'd realized that I'd had a total of about 500 by the time my evening meal rolled around.  My solution - I took to eating pints of Haggen-Daz for dinner.  $3 for 1200 calories.  And yes in theory I could have gotten better food from the grocery store.  However, it was in a bad part of town that wasn't safe at night and often closed when work ended.

    Eventually friend found me a fridge and a hotpot and so I ate more Ramen and less ice cream and would occasionally get real food that I could keep.

    I know this was not a smart choice, but with limited spending money, limited resources, and the best source of grocercies the corner store, it seemed logical at the time.  

    I am the Typo Queen. Apologies in advance.

    by sadpanda on Tue Jul 29, 2008 at 11:29:07 AM PDT

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