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  •  Ultimately it's our own fault. (0+ / 0-)

    We falsely assume we're getting more for our money if we're served a steak the size of a brontosaurus haunch, and we dutifully choke it all down because our parents-- raised during the Depression-- considered it a sin to "waste" food.

    It's increasingly been my experience that humongous portions are not a good buy, that the larger the portion, the more likely the dish is mediocre anyway and not worth ordering. On the rare occasions it does turn out to be good I can always take half of it home and make a second meal of it.

    Which is the greater sin, after all-- not eating all at once everything placed in front of you, or continuing to eat after you're already full?

    Some of the other health challenges, though-- adulteration with BGH or High Fructose Corn Syrup-- are harder to surmount, You have to look harder and perhaps pay more to find unadulterated substitutes, and I can understand that a lot of parents lack the time,money, or information to do that.

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