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View Diary: Warning: the "Global Peace Festival"... ISN'T (36 comments)

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  •  YES DO IT! and another thing to try (4+ / 0-)
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    And watch the Moonies freak.

    They'll probably try to have him thrown out for trespassing or something along those lines.  He should come prepared for the usual "peaceful civil disobedience" scenario, and have an attorney nearby or on call.  

    Another thing to try:

    Get dressed up in very Sunday-proper attire, carry Bibles, and go in there and shout Bible verses at him to the effect that he's a blasphemer, heretic, and so on for claiming to be the Second Coming.  

    Call yourselves fundamentalist Christians, say that you're "supporters* of Focus on the Family" and that what the Moonies do to families is "worse than homosexuality."  Use the term "recruiting," as in "Moon is recruiting for a cult that destroys families," and then reiterate the line about "worse than homosexuality."

    Make sure you know your material well and can pull it off without appearing to be doing theatrics.  

    This could get very interesting very fast.  And watch Dobson et. al. have to deal with the obvious contradiction: he can't exactly support that kind of action, but he can't criticize it either!  His hands are tied.  

    He can't say that homosexuality is worse than the Moonie cult because then he's endorsing a guy who breaks up families by taking away their children and brainwashing them.  But he can't exactly agree either, because then he's distancing himself from a major funder of rightie-garbage and thus from the people who Moon funds, who no doubt are among his own funders.

    That's two targets with one round:  Moon and Dobson at the same time.  


    *supporters of:  You can't say you're "representing" FOTF, and you can't say you're "members" unless you're paying members, so you have to say "supporters" or similar language that implies something stronger.  

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