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  •  Link to Contact Speaker Pelosi (4+ / 0-)

    Here's a link to the Speaker of the House contact page.  I hope you'll join me in sending her a SWL re: allowing a vote to hold Rove in contempt.

    •  Thanks for the link; I'm sending her this - (3+ / 0-)
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      As Speaker of the House and an elected representative of the people, I find your professional behavior incredibly appalling. You are supposed to be a representative for the PEOPLE (you know, like in the preamble to the Constitution - We the People), rather than a representative of the opposition president's policies.

      Yet, you have repeatedly proven to be a surrogate for Bush and his administration of Constitution-busting war criminals/profiteers, despite the will of the constituents you so poorly represent.

      It is disgraceful that, since you set a precedent as the first woman Speaker of the House, you have continuously voted to fund the Iraq occupation, granted immunity to telecoms who illegally spyed on US citizens, TAKEN IMPEACHMENT OFF THE TABLE one day after the 2006 elections, and are now brazenly traveling from one broadcast outlet to another defending your feeble representation, despite the low approval rating of one half of the Congress you lead.

      Obviously, you see nothing wrong with only 13% of voters having any confidence in you and the blue dog Dems you lead.

      But you have an opportunity to prove yourself a better leader of the people who elected you than you've so far done as Speaker of the House, and you can do so by allowing a full House vote in re Karl Rove's contempt of Congress.  

      To do less will only serve to once more demonstrate to your consituents that you should either be censured or recalled/primaried.

      The lip of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment. Proverbs 12:19

      by 99 Percent Pure on Wed Jul 30, 2008 at 11:50:55 AM PDT

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