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  •  Media's job to Lie (1+ / 0-)
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    The Republicans are going to steal this election.
    The media's job is to make the contest look close, so when McCain wins it will be believable. They will say "The Bradley Effect" cost Obama the election.

    When the Dems took power, I wrote letter after letter saying their first and only business was to get rid of paperless voting machines. They didn't.
    The only reason why the Dems took the House and Senate is because the Republicans did not count on so many people voting Democratic. They did cheat the last election, but they wanted to make it look close enough to be believable. They underestimated the Dems popularity.  

    Now they have taken Obama's popularity into consideration and have increased voter suppression techniques. Just look at some of the posts about it.

    Think about it?
    Do you think Republicans would have passed FISA if they thought Obama had the slightest chance of winning? Obama has already lost and the Republicans know it. They just need the media to make it look close.

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