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View Diary: McCain lies, contradicts himself on Cross story.  With evidence.   (110 comments)

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  •  My friend, (10+ / 0-)

    I know.  This is a big story.  And, this is another slant to it...

    After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. - Aldous Huxley

    by Throwing Stones on Sun Aug 17, 2008 at 02:19:40 PM PDT

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    •  an excellent slant...dare I say? (7+ / 0-)

      Thank you, my friend, Throwing Stones.  


    •  Barely. n/t (0+ / 0-)

      "Go well through life"-Me (As far as I know) Newly added-You don't have to put an age limit on your dreams. Dara Torres-Beijing Olympics

      by MTmofo on Sun Aug 17, 2008 at 02:42:40 PM PDT

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    •  Plus he's going to be fighting the anti-christ (5+ / 0-)

      meme NEXT MONTH !!!  False Witness, in a church, I think is a no-no.

      From Broowaha

      The Colorado Springs organization True Bible Society will soon publish their analysis on John McCain in the End Times Journal. According to an article published last week in The Nation, biblical scholars will reveal John McCain to be the true Anti-Christ. True Bible Society scholar David Jenkins explains, "What started us looking at this issue is the fact that Senator McCain has declared his intention to maintain US forces in Iraq for a hundred years. That means that McCain wants to control Babylon for at least a century."  He goes on to say, "We believe that the end times is near, based on the pattern of wars, earthquakes, and other strange phenomena we've been witnessing since the start of the New Millennium," said Jenkins. "Given that it may be imminent, the person who controls Babylon must be the Antichrist."

      The Nation article points out that the True Bible Society analysis reveals, "McCain's great-grandfather was actually not John McCain, but John Mihai. Mihai is an ancient Romanian name, and according to Bible-believing Christians, the Antichrist is likely to be a Romanian." "What clinched it for us was that the name Mihai means 'who is like the Lord,'" said Jenkins. "As far as we're concerned, that was enough. It means that McCain might easily pretend to be the Redeemer." The True Bible Society also proves that Barack Obama can not be the Anti-Christ.

      Two weeks ago, I pointed out that the Anti-Christ is also known to be the Great Deceiver. According to, John McCain's ad campaign was outlying Barack Obama at a ratio of 9 to 1. McCain has been spewing out lies so fast that they can make any astute political junkie's head spin completely around.  For example, over the last few weeks McCain has repeatedly lied about Obama's tax plan.  According to the Annenberg Foundation's recent analysis on one of McCain's attacks, "The ad continues McCain's pattern of misrepresenting Sen. Barack Obama's tax proposals as falling on middle-income families." That's right; McCain has demonstrated a "pattern of misrepresenting."

      McCain opened the can of worms with "The One" ad, now the circle becomes complete....

    •  this is the key slant (5+ / 0-)

      I am sure Mark Salter (McCain's brain) knew this story. he created McCain's hero image. he is a scholar of Solzhenitsyn.
      so TS's slant is the key one. no one has a similar experience like this and not add that to the story. unless the person feels guilty or thinks no one will ever see the two together.
      My friends this story is all over the Internet and it is growing.
      in honor of that I declare this coming week "my friends" week. every declarative paragraph must start with that prefix.

      Henry Dribble "if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail." Phish/Wittgenstein

      by henry dribble on Sun Aug 17, 2008 at 05:34:31 PM PDT

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      •  My friends: (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Throwing Stones

        I would call Mark Salter a "devotee" of Solzhenitsyn... but not a scholar.

        he is a scholar of Solzhenitsyn.

        Seems a scholar would know better than to "lift" a story. lol!

        However, I really like your idea:

        My friends this story is all over the Internet and it is growing. in honor of that I declare this coming week "my friends" week. every declarative paragraph must start with that prefix.

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