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View Diary: I just got back from the Obama town hall in St. Petersburg (279 comments)

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    Obama also said this at the Town Hall meeting:

    The first thing I want to do, Florida, is just ask you a very simple question. Do you think that you are better off now than you were four years ago or eight years ago? And if you don't think you're better off, do you think you can afford another four years of the same failed economic policies that we've had under George W. Bush?

    Why aren't we hearing that every day? Why aren't there ads up everywhere saying that?

    This is EXACTLY the point that the Obama campaign needs to hammer home relentlessly. "Are you better off than you were 8 years ago" and "Can we afford 4 more years?", accompanied by pictures of McCain and Bush together.

    Why is this not being done? We're allowing McCain to go completely undefined in any negative way. He's just the amorphous "war hero" with undetermined views and policies. He's become the "safe", default candidate. We must start defining him and defining WHY it's not a good idea to elect him.

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