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  •  Yeah, but the absurdity... (8+ / 0-)

    The absurdity in the ad is this, going with this Antichrist interpretation.... It winds up with the very trivial question, "But can he lead?"

    If the guy you're electing is the Antichrist, you're not looking for particular qualities of leadership as an ordinary president. In fact, going by what I know of Antichrist doctrine, this figure is able to lead virtually everyone -- everyone except the true believers -- away from God and toward destruction. "Leadership" is not a quality the Antichrist would lack! LOL.

    So instead of making any actual point about an Antichrist, it's using the terminology of religion to mock Obama -- uppity, or whatever euphemism you might prefer.

    I think it's a dangerous ad for McCain because it is also mocking religion, is a satire based on religious themes. If that's what he thinks of religion... that could spell trouble for him.

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