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View Diary: Obama Supports Offshore Drilling?????? (207 comments)

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    Politically speaking - the gas holiday was divided 50/50, which was great at the time since it got the conversation off Rev. Wright and the like that Obama was being hammered on.

    This issue isn't split, it's lopsided, and there is no effective political rebuttal.  

    Issue speaking - this issue and the gas holiday are a whole lot of nothing.  For the states that favor it, they'll see some mild increase ecomically.  Gas prices, world oil production, and our long-term energy plans (which keep on being blocked by the Left) will be virtually unchanged.

    If you want real change, get behind Cape Wind, get behind the San Diego Wind Farm, get behind dozens of wind farms across the country that are fighting environmentalists.  Support subsidies for these and other projects to make the transition cost effective, and start or join groups that support green energy and write to your local congressmen and senators stating so.

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