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  •  I agree it is a different world. (2+ / 0-)
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    sebastianguy99, CParis

    But I live with a foot in two worlds, America and the United Kingdom.  The week before last 200,000 German people stood and cheered and chanted Obama, Obama.  

    The American news media and the McCain campaign used those images to belittle Obama, likening him to a dictator, a Messiah, the Chosen One, and finally as a black man.

    In Europe, where Obama is adored and adulated you can count the number of black and other races elected as legislators on two hands. There are more women, but not by much. That goes for Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, in fact all the nations that now comprise the European Union.  Not one nation has even run a man or a woman of African descent as a candidate, to the best of my knowledge anyway.

    The world may be different. It is not that different, and the world longs for America to be different and have the courage to vote the best man to the be the leader of the free world.  That person is Barack Obama.  Let America lead and show the world we have the courage not to be afraid.

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