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View Diary: "I can't vote for Obama because he's the Antichrist" (141 comments)

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  •  Well it all depends on the definition of the word (0+ / 0-)

    "is" is....

    unless Tim LaHaye's books have suddenly become appendices to the Bible.

    It all depends on who you ask, now doesn't it?

    This is why I make no apology for being all science/no religion. You ask two scientists to calcluate the escape velocity for a body to leave Earth's gravity, there is only one answer.

    You ask two faithful people about the nature of God, and what "H"e want's for the world, and you will get two answers. If you ask six billion people, you will get six billion answers.

    So, do some people hold Tim LaHaye's books in the same light as they do the Bible? Some of them, whether right or wrong in the eyes of anyone else, most certainly do.

    ANd that's the whole point of faith - who can possibly contradict anyone when we have to ultimately surrender that faith is to the faithful whatever the faithful want it to be. And the whole purpose they are so comfortable in that headspace is that it is agreed amongst all of them that there is no way to change their mind.

    Science doesn't have that comfort of delusion, nor does law, which is where my respect for them comes from and my contempt for religion begins.

    I like your tag line.

    Carry on....

    George Orwell is banging on the lid of his coffin and screaming, "1984 was a cautionary tale, you dolts, not a motivational speech!"

    by snafubar on Mon Aug 04, 2008 at 08:13:27 AM PDT

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