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View Diary: Is Barack Obama Considering Steve Beshear For Vice President? (46 comments)

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    Unstable Isotope, vet

    Allow me to by cynical here, but a lot of the people who will vote for McCain here in Kentucky don't really like John McCain all that much.  Some of them hate his guts and would rather vote for the looniest of right wing whackjobs.  Others are Democrats who don't like McCain for one reason or another.

    But they dislike black people a lot more.  You know that 15% of people who believe that Obama is a Muslim?  Based on my conversations with voters, they all live here.  I know a lot of people, even Democrats, who have said that they would vote for McCain because they didn't want a Muslim president -- and refused to listen to debunkings of the Muslim smear.  I have also heard the "N" word more often in the past six months than I have heard in years.

    You can have your "Under God" back when I get my "Liberty and Justice For All" back.

    by karateexplosions on Mon Aug 04, 2008 at 06:28:51 AM PDT

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