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  •  being "most qualified" doesn't necessarily mean (2+ / 0-)
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    jethropalerobber, Neon Mama

    best choice for Obama's Vice President.  If qualifications were what mattered, we'd be looking at a Joe Biden - Chris Dodd ticket right about now.  

    Sure, you may say Hillary's the most qualified, and there is legitimacy.  But what isn't legitimate is to say that no other woman should be picked for that reason.  

    Obama may think he can GOVERN the United States of America the best with Kathleen Sebelius as his #2.  

    If "most qualified" was the only criteria in which candidates and their running mates were picked, we don't even need primaries.  

    Should Joe Biden be mandated Obama's VP because he's the most experienced primary candidate?

    The whole logic is effed up and very very counterproductive to the woman's movement.  Something I think Hillary's candidacy has hurt more than it has helped, with the pushing of these type of memes.

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