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  •  Association tests ... (0+ / 0-)

    I show a slight preference for Blacks over whites.  And, alas, for women in the home;-)

    •  Were you surprised by the outcome? (1+ / 0-)
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      Do you think any of your biases influence your voting preferences?  

      I also took the Native IQ test and was horrified to find that I scored in the bottom of knowledge of Native Americans.  Since I had read a lot, especially in my youth, about Native Americans, I thought I knew more than, in truth, I do.  The test helped me understand that the conditions for Native Americans in the US is abysmal, and I have been complicit in that, in by my failure even to know.

      I actually have wondered if the folks on DK, mostly progressives, show preferences similiar to yours. Did you support Senator Clinton in the primary?  Do you think you preference for women over men had any influence in your decision?  Was your preference for women over men greater than you slight preference for blacks over whites?  Do you think your slight preference for blacks over whites influences your decision to continue to support the Democratic nominee who is black?  Or do you believe your biases play no influence at all in your voting decisions or in any other decisions you make?

      I also invite you to go back to the link, click on home, and get to the Native IQ test.  I hope, for the sake of this country and Native peoples, you do much much better than I.  


      ps, Hat tip to Urtica dioica gracilis and her great diary on Native Americans with the original link. And yes, I am going to pimp her diary here.

      •  LOL. You should do a diary (1+ / 0-)
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        Uncle Moji

        on the subject of bias and get a wider range of feedback!  Yes, I was a bit surprised;  but on reflection not so much.  I've apparently successfully gotten past any circumstantial anger with blacks.  Which gives me a bit more confidence in my thesis that biases and prejudice can be situational and temporary.

        I supported neither Clinton (because of her conservatism and war with Iraq vote) nor Obama (I worried he didn't have enough of a track record to judge him accurately.)  Mostly for environmental and comfort-with-his-record reasons, I wanted Gore.  I can't tell if or which biases played a role.

        I think I'm marginal in this community rather than typical.  Witness the above exasperation with Kos, eh?  And I've been troll-rated for my concerns about immigration.  Sometimes I feel rather irritatingly grandmotherly toward many of the younger, brasher users here.  I try to be witty instead of pontificating, but it gets away from me.    

        I scored in the middle on the Native IQ test, not excellent.  Mostly, I confess, because my son is a history teacher and has talked to me about the history of Native Americans and some of the horrors--which he teachs to his suburban high school students, by the way.  At least his students will be better educated on the subject than I was!


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