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    tovan, Lying eyes

    I couldn't agree more with your analysis, tovan.  Back when the entire Ferraro dust-up exploded, some cooler heads prevailed in the blogosphere.  Earl Ofari Hutchinson on The Huffington Post:

    "Ferraro got it right on both counts when she said that race has made a difference with Barack Obama. He has gotten a virtual free ride from much of the media. His paper thin voting record, lack of experience, zig zag stances on foreign policy issues, Republican lite positions on health care and the sub prime housing crisis, repeated subtle going negative against Hillary Clinton while giving himself a plausible deniability out and insuring that Clinton gets dumped on when she hits back has been blatantly obvious. The media and much of the public have kept hands off him in part out of sheer terror of being branded racist and in part out of hatred for Clinton. And that's the other thing that Ferraro got right. She flatly called the media sexist and said that many Americans, she really said America, has a huge problem with a woman running for president."

    Both Mario Cuomo and Lanny Davis are quoted in the 'Politico' piece that Kos links to. However, only the women quoted in the piece are singled out by Kos for an inability to get with the 'Obama' program.  If I were as reactionary as Kos seems to be in his post, I might accuse him of sexism.  Kos' ad hominem attack of Ferraro (and some of the uglier comments connected to his post) only puts a fine point on James Ridgeway's observation in An Unreasonable Man that Democrats can be:

    "...the meanest bunch of motherfuckers I’ve ever come across."

    The Politico piece is far from the first (or even most insightful) analysis of what I call 'The Othe Woman Syndrome'.  Back in early June, Christopher Beam was asking Slate readers if Clinton supporters would accept Sebelius as Obama's VP:

    Many Clinton supporters now see Kathleen Sebelius as The Other Woman. She's not a politician with her own individual record; she's Obama's sorry pander.

    I think Kos' time and effort would have been better spent asking why this phenomenon is taking place rather than engaging in the politics of personal destruction.

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