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    Uncle Moji

    on the subject of bias and get a wider range of feedback!  Yes, I was a bit surprised;  but on reflection not so much.  I've apparently successfully gotten past any circumstantial anger with blacks.  Which gives me a bit more confidence in my thesis that biases and prejudice can be situational and temporary.

    I supported neither Clinton (because of her conservatism and war with Iraq vote) nor Obama (I worried he didn't have enough of a track record to judge him accurately.)  Mostly for environmental and comfort-with-his-record reasons, I wanted Gore.  I can't tell if or which biases played a role.

    I think I'm marginal in this community rather than typical.  Witness the above exasperation with Kos, eh?  And I've been troll-rated for my concerns about immigration.  Sometimes I feel rather irritatingly grandmotherly toward many of the younger, brasher users here.  I try to be witty instead of pontificating, but it gets away from me.    

    I scored in the middle on the Native IQ test, not excellent.  Mostly, I confess, because my son is a history teacher and has talked to me about the history of Native Americans and some of the horrors--which he teachs to his suburban high school students, by the way.  At least his students will be better educated on the subject than I was!


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