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View Diary: It's Official: Big Food Targets Kids (60 comments)

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  •  Its not a matter of 'organic' .. (1+ / 0-)
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    Michele Simon

    .. its a matter of non-processed, non-additive, seasonal food.

    Go into any grocery store [Whole Foods definitely included] and you will see strawberries in the fall and winter, oranges in the summer, lettuce all year round. You will see prepared meals with huge amounts of corn syrup or salt or additives. You will see so called 'organic' foods from China [organically fertilized with human poop], packaged frozen meat that has travel thousands of miles and then thawed just before you purchase it, or 'healthy' 'low-carb' bread that never gets moldy.

    Com'on guys ... get real. Ninety percent of what is on the supermarket shelves is not nourishment. You are paying for cardboard, chemicals, sugar and plastic.  

    If you eat seasonally, you can save significant amounts of money. If you buy brown-it-takes-40-minutes-to-cook rice instead of the minute kind, you can save significant amounts of money. A 1/2 gallon of mile from a dairy in Pennsylvania instead of a corporation in California if you live in the Mid Atlantic, is probably the same price but you have the benefit of a lower carbon footprint and a fresher product. It's not hard ... just read the friggin labels!

    •  Yes.. of course.. (0+ / 0-)

      I am not an advocate of anything "prepared".  But we were talking about "healthy" foods.

      There is a matter of "degrees".  And, while there is definitely an advantage to buying locally, we first have to get people in the habit of actually cooking!  People, especially those families with children, need to be educated how really bad prepared foods are for them (and their kids)!

      Preferably, garden grown veggies would be on most of our plates, but that is not always practical (although a lot more practical than most people think!).  

      I agree with you on everything you  said, but as bad as the eating habits of American families are right now, we need to first stress how really bad prepared foods are.. then get them on to local grown goods for the sake of the environment.

      "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others." - G. Marx

      by Skeptical Bastard on Thu Aug 07, 2008 at 11:35:46 AM PDT

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