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View Diary: The Mittster draws a blank on McCain accomplishments (84 comments)

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    Ladies and gentlemen, this is the killer question. I've been using it personally whenever someone says that Obama doesn't have the experience to be president. It usually goes like this:

    ME: Tell be about John McCain's experience.

    REPUBLICAN: Well, John McCain was shot down in--

    ME: No, I mean tell me about his Senate experience. Aside from McCain-Feingold which got watered down to the point that it's clearly ineffective, tell me something John McCain has done in his nearly 30 years in Washington that should make me want to elect him.

    REPUBLICAN: Well, he...uh...

    ME: Take your time.

    REPUBLICAN: He supported

    ME: So 30 years boils down to something he did last year?

    REPUBLICAN: No. No. Um...

    And so on.

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