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  •  what is different (0+ / 0-)

    is that NM does not look like a nail biter and much of the midwest has wider margins than the last two elections (think Wisconsin).  Also, Washington and Oregon do not seem in play particularly with Gordon Smith pretending to not belong to any organized party.

    Montana being close is different. Same with North Dakota.  Obama will have the ground troops and surrogates in these states to be a major pain to the GOP (two senators and at least one governor in each)  

    •  Yes, But - (0+ / 0-)

      While Obama is doing better in Wisconsin,
      He is doing worse in Missouri.
      (Using comparable summer polls of Gore and Kerry)

      Taking all Kerry states plus CO, IA, NV, and NM will give Obama the electoral college.  But losing Michigan will nullify the gains in the West.  Similarly, although the Pacific Northwest appears stronger, Pennsylvania may still present problems.  Taking Penna for granted would be very unwise given Obama's primary results.

      But then again - who needs Hillary?

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