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View Diary: David Gregory: Big McCain Shill or BIGGEST McCain Shill? (54 comments)

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  •  What is Gregory doing on progressive radio? (14+ / 0-)

    Let's face it, right now we live in a corporate fascist state. Yesterday I blitzed the media asking why Mike Barnicle was using Republican tactical language like flip flopper over and over again. It's obvious that the media overall is covering for McCain big time. The question is, how bad do we want to right this ship? I cancelled my cable and switched my phone service and I wrote a letter to Cablevision's CEO telling him why and what he can do to influence me to restore service.

    An economic boycott can work if we can galvanize all the groups that support Obama. Some of the smaller advertisers on the networks will eventually join in pressuring them for better more honest coverage of the presidential race.

    •  And as a random tinfoil hat question... (2+ / 0-)
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      viscerality, sovery

      Is this why CM's been gone?  Balance the scales a little bit on their nightly news programs?  Get more air time for repug talking points because CM has been more left of center lately than not?  Need that horse race to continue to further the ratings!  

      Yes yes, I'll put the tinfoil hat away now.  It makes me look terribly unattractive.

    •  Why Gregory was on progressive radio (3+ / 0-)
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      When Rachel Maddow is on Race to the White House it is broadcast on her show on Air America, because it is during the first hour of her program. It is merely to help out Rachel to do her show and still participate in a program on MSNBC that could lead to her own show on MSNBC. Hopefully they won't be turned off by her recent slap-down on Pat Buchanan.

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