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View Diary: It's Elementary! Nydia Stone, Cuban, is Lucy Ramirez & Roger Stone is "unknown man" ! (12 comments)

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    One essential to a good conspiracy is to have confidence in your co-conspirators.  No use if someone else is going to spill the beans, is it?  What I like about the story is the sidebar detailing a source of a huge political slush fund, available for use in a way that cannot easily be traced.  I wonder if living in Texas is what impells the Texas Thugnuts to act so much like Central American Dictators?   Is there an airborne virus or something in the water down there that leads some folks to think, "Let's see, I can either act in an ethical fashion or I can seek our a corrupt solution, which is better?"

    This really is rather like "The Case of the Purloined Letter".  Where should one hide a damning National Guard document, so that no one will find it?  Why, in plain sight, which is a place that no one will think to look!  Who could imagine that intentionally releasing a document would be the perfect hiding place?  Rove, only Rove.

    You know what, though?  This year, Rove got too smart for his own good.  Rove and the other Bush handlers forgot to get their boy geared up for his debate, and cost him the election because he dropped the ball in front of more than sixty million in the US, and countless others worldwide.  Once you drop the ball, you can't "undrop it" again.  It's like Gary Bauer falling backwards off the stage at a pancake breakfast.  There's just no way to come out of that one looking credible.

    What I am suggesting is that this post is probably accurate.  Here's "Lucy", here is the mystery man, here is the explanation (or enough to suffice) but that will in the end prove to have been little value.  Instead, history will see it as a curious sidebar, an example of hubris, that distracted the Bush campaign just enough to throw them off their stride, so that something else went wrong, that caused another thing to go wrong, etc.  Remember the old poem?  "For the want of a nail the shoe was lost, for the want of the  shoe the horse was lost, for the want of the show the man was lost, for the want of the man the battle was lost, for the want of the battle the war was lost".  Rather than focussing on our nation's needs, this administration has put its attention into polls, focus groups, crafting a deceptive "message", dirty tricks and timed military adventures and actions, phony names for corrupt legislation, etc.  This is just one more such bit of sleaze, in an administration awash in sophistry.  Funny to think that this distraction might have been the one that knocked them off their game, at a critical juncture, but it is possible.

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