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  •  It gets even better. (3.33)
    "President Bush, stung by the erosion of his lead over Sen. John Kerry in post debate polls, has abruptly scheduled a major speech for tomorrow in hopes of halting Mr. Kerry's momentum.
    In a rare, last-minute alteration to the presidential schedule, Mr. Bush has scrapped a planned talk on medical liability and instead will give what the White House called a "significant speech" about the two central issues of the campaign -- the war on terrorism and the economy."

    After the disaster of his performance during the first presidential debate, the President's men have decided to go on the air Thursday night. A polished, scripted performance is desperately needed by the BC04 campaign to show that the president is not, in the words of BusinessWeek correspondent Ciro Scotti, Elmer Befuddled.
    The speech will focus on terrorism (one of the president's consistently polled strengths) and the economy (something on which he has been trying to claim progress for several months.) Note that it will not cover Iraq. Enough damage has been done there. The article refers to a speech, not a press conference, so the president will most likely not take questions from a somewhat reinvigorated press corps. The last time he had a press conference, it too was a mess for the president, when he fumbled a simple question, "Mr. President, since September 11, 2001, have you made any mistakes?" and his response was something along the lines of "it's hard to think up here under these lights...I wish you would've submitted this question earlier..."
    So there will almost certainly be no questions from the press corps. This president has, for the last several months, only allowed scripted questions at his campaign events from pre-screened event-goers.
    The fact that the BC04 campaign is desperate to repair the damage from the last debate with a canned speech is very telling. Most candidates would've worked very hard to improve their performance in the upcoming debates. Is it possible that the BC04 organisation has given up on that tactic as not possible? The president's inability to think on his feet is well known, and I can only conclude that a prepared speech without follow-up questions is the only option left to them to stop the hemmorage.

    •  So I guess they won't be practicing for debate 2.. (none)
    •  This is great (4.00)
      You can smell the fear - and I think a lot of voters will be viewing Chimpy McStammer with a much more critical eye now after his recent, oh-so-revealing performance.  I think a lot of voters are starting to snap out of their long, hypnotic stupor.

      Kerry should also schedule a speech - followed by an actual press conference - for Thursday night shortly after Bush does his bubble-boy reading.  I think a lot of folks would pick up on the contrast, and the press might even appreciate having someone who isn't afraid of taking questions.

      David Herman
      Boeing Field (BFI), Seattle, WA

      •  Warning Signals Here! (none)
        You can smell the fear - and I think a lot of voters will be viewing Chimpy McStammer with a much more critical eye now after his recent, oh-so-revealing performance.  I think a lot of voters are starting to snap out of their long, hypnotic stupor.

        Whenever Rove & Co become afraid, really afraid, the nasty down & dirty tricks start surfacing.

        When Rove was afraid of McCain's NH primary win, Rove slimed McCain in SC and McCain was DOA.

        Same with Max Cleland's re-election bid.

        Kerry must be very, very carefull here--Rove's October surprise could be waiting around the corner with a sledgehammer.  

        Steve Wolf

        by stevew on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 10:53:54 AM PDT

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        •  I agree (4.00)
          In fact, I posted "beware the wounded beast" not long ago.  As the Thugs start to sense their ship sinking, they will pull out all the stops and get even more dirty and dangerous than we've ever seen or imagined.

          Kerry definitely needs to be on his toes - but I do think that if Bush calls some last-minute press event, it's going to be pretty obvious to everyone that it's an attenpt to distract attention from his awful unscripted performance.  Kerry needs to respond with an event of his own, and show the contrast by actually taking questions - and making everyone in the press aware that he's not afraid of them.

          I also agree with the poster below that Kerry should start asking what the hell happened to the weekly speeches on Iraq that Bush promised last spring!

          •  Funny you should bring that up ... (none)
            I was bemused by the missing speeches, too, and wondered why the Dems never brought it up.  The first one went over like a lead balloon, but he was supposed to have more up his sleeve.  I guess the sleeve was attached to an empty shirt.
      •  Chimpy McStammer (none)
        That is the funniest frickin' name for the shrub's performance! I don't know if you came up with that or not but I LOVE it!

        you scratch a redneck and you will find a liberal underneath.....

        by Schtu on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 12:15:15 PM PDT

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    •  Terror alert to be raised (none)
      Yes, it's a couple of weeks early, but they're getting desperate.

      "Bush too evil even for me", Great Old One says

      by Jon Meltzer on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 10:57:16 AM PDT

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    •  Correction or Additional Info (none)
      I should note that the quotation above comes from the Washington Times.
    •  WAIT A MINUTE (none)
      Weren't we supposed to be getting weekly addresses on the progress in Iraq?

      That was --- what? --- five months ago.

      Too little, too late!!!!


      THE WEEKLY ADDRESSES have become BI-ANNUAL Addresses?

      Can't we call them on this????

    •  Is there equal time? (none)
      The Democrats have to require it, unless the thugs are paying for Bush's time on the tube.

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