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    You can smell the fear - and I think a lot of voters will be viewing Chimpy McStammer with a much more critical eye now after his recent, oh-so-revealing performance.  I think a lot of voters are starting to snap out of their long, hypnotic stupor.

    Whenever Rove & Co become afraid, really afraid, the nasty down & dirty tricks start surfacing.

    When Rove was afraid of McCain's NH primary win, Rove slimed McCain in SC and McCain was DOA.

    Same with Max Cleland's re-election bid.

    Kerry must be very, very carefull here--Rove's October surprise could be waiting around the corner with a sledgehammer.  

    Steve Wolf

    by stevew on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 10:53:54 AM PDT

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    •  I agree (4.00)
      In fact, I posted "beware the wounded beast" not long ago.  As the Thugs start to sense their ship sinking, they will pull out all the stops and get even more dirty and dangerous than we've ever seen or imagined.

      Kerry definitely needs to be on his toes - but I do think that if Bush calls some last-minute press event, it's going to be pretty obvious to everyone that it's an attenpt to distract attention from his awful unscripted performance.  Kerry needs to respond with an event of his own, and show the contrast by actually taking questions - and making everyone in the press aware that he's not afraid of them.

      I also agree with the poster below that Kerry should start asking what the hell happened to the weekly speeches on Iraq that Bush promised last spring!

      •  Funny you should bring that up ... (none)
        I was bemused by the missing speeches, too, and wondered why the Dems never brought it up.  The first one went over like a lead balloon, but he was supposed to have more up his sleeve.  I guess the sleeve was attached to an empty shirt.

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