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  •  911 (none)
    I only wish the Dems would not concede the terror aspect of the debate to the Reps. What was W and his Adm. doing on 9/10? Why didn't Bush read that August memo? If he had read it and then taken it seriously maybe 9/11 would have been just another beautiful NYC summer day in September.  The Millennium and LAX threat didn't occur because someone was doing their job. What happened with the Bushies? The pattern is clear. Bush reacts to things, 9/11, the 911 families forced him to come aboard, it was the public reaction that made him come aboard when it came to the commission's findings. He was against them all until he was forced to sign on. The Reps would not let a Dem. get away with that. Look how they have jumped on the global summit and misrepresented what Kerry really said. No one is saying that 911 was Bush's fault. But was his group doing all it could do before 911 to prevent it from happening? That in my mind is a legitimate question. Bush and Cheney are is selling themselves as the only ones who can protect us. Well they didn't protect us. 911 happened on their watch. After 911 we find out they lied. As a parent those facts are always in the back of my mind.

    Does Bush realize that in a Democracy it's important that the leaders tell the truth. How else are citizens to make an informed choice?. W and Dick are the kings of misleading and lying to the people. How long can they continue to lie   to us before we stop believing anything that comes from their lips? Didn't they just try to mislead on the global summit thing? Sad how they purposely  left out the important aspect of Kerry's statement. this is the same as they have done so many times in the past. Someone needs to call Bush and Cheney  for the liars that they are.

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