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  •  Done (4.00)
    Shepherd Smith said he doesn't get any mail saying that people love John Kerry.  I was surprised!  I thought I'd share with you five reasons why I love John Kerry:

    1.    Though John Kerry had a privileged upbringing, he's always worked for a living.  After Vietnam, he went to law school and became a prosecutor.  He opened a victim's assistance office, brought serious offenders to trial quickly and went after organized-crime.  I love him because he's a straight-arrow who plays by the rules and is willing to enforce them.
    2.    As a candidate for the US Senate, John Kerry refused contributions from political action committees.  Early in his career, he became a critic of government waste and broke with the Democrats to support a balanced budget.  I love him because he understands how money corrupts the system.
    3.    In the Senate, Kerry carved out a niche for himself doing important investigative work.  He led the Iran-Contra hearings and stopped the illegal sales of arms to terrorists in Iran. He also helped shut down the Bank of Credit and Commerce International for laundering money of drug traffickers and terrorists.  I love him because Kerry doesn't just talk the talk--he's been shutting down terrorist organizations for two decades, long before it was fashionable.
    4.    In the 1990s, Kerry investigated the possibility that POW's were still alive in Vietnam.  Kerry reached out across the aisle to Senator McCain, and with his help, they closed the chapter on that messy and misguided war.  I love him because Kerry is willing to work with people from both parties to heal old wounds; he might be able to bring Americans together.
    5.    Senator Kerry has been a tireless advocate for America's underprivileged minority youth.  Kerry nagged Bill Clinton for all eight years of his Presidency to help these kids get an education.  There weren't any votes in it for him; it's just something he's passionate about.  I love him because he really cares about "the little person".

    I will be incredibly proud to call him my President.

    Stephanie Dray

    •  Nice (4.00)
      you hit some I missed - here's mine.

      I'm told you never get "I love Kerry emails" and that Lockhart promised you some.  Here's is one.

      I love that he service his country when he could have pull strings and stayed out as so many did (Clinton for example, I'm sure you can think of others).  and if the SBVT liars want to try and cynically spin his service as a setup for a later career, I wish those they serve would have that sort of foresight.

      I love that he does not lose his composure when people slight his wounds, saying "he never bled" despite the fact that, like my grandfather, he carries shrapnel fragments in his body to this day.

      I love that, after serving, he spoke out about what he saw was wrong with our policy - putting country before self.  Anyone who argues this was intended to boost his future political career is nuts.

      I love that in the Senate, he spearheaded the investigation into BCCI - unafraid to take on the powerful. I love that he's willing to talk about closing tax loopholes for businesses that offshore accounting and jobs.

      I love that he can put partisanship aside and work with others for the good of the country and take on tough challenges like relations with Vietnam and the POW/MIA legacy - working with Sen. McCain to heal old wounds and try to determine truth and restore relationships.

      I love that he has not once, but several times, saved the lives off those around him - thinking quickly in battle (Rassmann), and in the halls of the congress (Sen. Hecht was choking - others standing around - Kerry comes off an elevator, quickly understands the situation, gives the Heimlech maneuver and saves Hecht's life - a man Kerry was working to unseat at the time.  Life comes before politics.)

      I love that he is well read, well travelled, and capable of understanding multiple points of view. That he understands the art of diplomacy and considers other viewpoints in making decisions.

      I love that he is confidence enough that as his understanding changes, he can change. As new evidence comes forward, he is willing to rethink his position.

      I love that he's willing to disagree with his Church when he feels that the Church's position is wrong.

      I love that he doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve, but is a man of deep faith who won't compromise it for easy points, nor criticize others for how they practice their faith.

      I love that he is an advocate of increasing stem cell research because it's the right thing to do.  He's capable of understanding complex moral issues and making real world choices that serve the greater, common good.

      I love that he had the courage to vote against the federal Defense of Marriage Act when doing so was hugely unpopular.

      I love that he's serious about caring for the environment and has suggest practical things we can do to make a difference.

      I love that he thinks we should have a plan for paying for things instead of just spending.  Republican's used to call that fiscal responsibility.

      I love that he has sufficient depth of knowledge to think on his feet and speech at length on subjects unaided.

      I love that he is a good father who has helped raise two bright and articulate children.

      I love that he's a baseball fan, that he ski's and windsurfs and knows how to enjoy life.

      I love that he was confident enough to chose John Edwards as his VP, despite the chance that "Johnny Sunshine" might "outshine" him.

      I love that he wasn't my first choice - but has won me over.  I think it's high time we elect a president not because of a cult of personality but because he's the right man at the right time for the job!  We're not voting for prom king or class president here - we're voting for the person, and that person's team of advisors, who will have the 24/7/365 job of leading the most powerful nation on the earth.

      House seat pickup in KS - visit

      by its simple IF you ignore the complexity on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 03:27:22 PM PDT

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      •  yikes... (none)
         I should have added that I love that he doesnt' mock people who can't spell worth a damn in their haste to post.

        I cleaned most of that up before I mailed it to fox... so I won't look quite so sloppy there.

        House seat pickup in KS - visit

        by its simple IF you ignore the complexity on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 03:55:32 PM PDT

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