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  •  I'm not in the slightest bit concerned (4+ / 0-)
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    wishingwell, Lilly, Tailspinterry, catly

    about the next cycle.  That sounds as though elections are like washing machines or 24 hour news cycles. We have 80 days left, why keep wasting time and energy in re-hashing the would'as, the should,as, the could,as interminabley.

    Edwards made a mistake, whether he was criminally wrong in running for president knowing the nature of today's media and celebrity paparrazi would inevitably reveal all; whether Elizabeth Edwards was complicit therefore forfeiting her status as American heroine and martyr; whether Mark Penn, Howard Wolfson, Patty Davis Solis et al were incompetent, vindicative, chauvinistic, misogynistic etc.  Whether Hillary Clinton was a bad manager unfit for the job, whether Bill clinton is/was the bad boy sex fiend desperate for power and access to the Oval Office, and all the other idiotic theories that are filling the blogs and airwaves in these boring old dog days of August.  What does it matter. They are all either fired, soon to be dead, not the nominee etc.

    Obama is and will be officially named the nominee for the democratic party as the next President of the united States in 80 days.  Start telling people why they SHOULD vote for him, not caterwauling about what might have been and who is to blame.  If we don't elect him, we are to blame.

    None of it matters.  The only thing that matter is that the election is loomimg.  We all need to vote Democratic, we don't need to love each other, wre don't even have to live together.  All we need to remember is that this ntion, we the people, the world, cannot survive another Republican administration at this point in global positioning.

    It is obvious Russia is going to try and pluck the feathers of the eagle. Having McCain in the White House means inevitable WAR, somewhere anywhere, probably Iran, as Russia is iran's sponsor and they have the OIL.

    There is no guarantee that Obama can either keep the peace, or bring prosperity.  There is absolutely every guarantee that McCain cannot.

    Choose and just find something else to bitch about for 80 more days.

    •  Excellent point (0+ / 0-)

      Obama is and will be officially named the nominee for the democratic party as the next President of the united States in 80 days.  Start telling people why they SHOULD vote for him, not caterwauling about what might have been and who is to blame.  If we don't elect him, we are to blame

      The whiners like Wolfson may obsess about the past but we've got to stay sharp and focused on the here and now.  It's counter-productive to continuously pour salt in the wounds of Hillary fans.  We've got to encourage  Hillary supporters and undecideds to join our bandwagon in support of Obama. Kos is not doing that by laughing at Wolfson's farce but on a daily basis there is far too much stick in the eye stuff about Hillary spread about DK.  We're a lot more likely to gain the support of her supporters for Obama by treating them respectfully. I know there are some of them don't deserve that but that's not throw out the baby with the bathwater!

      •  That wasn't very clearly written (0+ / 0-)

        What I was trying to say is that Kos is only pointing out Wolkson's revisionist farce and is not attacking Hillary fans. But I do see attacks and nasty jokes about Hillary and Hillary supporters a lot in comments around DK. That is probably not the wisest way to gain their votes for Obama.  

        •  Senator Clinton's comment on the Edwards (1+ / 0-)
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          matter was actually perfectly appropriate and compassionate.  I would say that Wolfson is not doing the Senator any favors in this scenario.  He should have kept his mouth shut or pointed out that a man's personal indescretions should not disqualify his professional contributions - I mean one would hope that Wolfson would have the wisdom to say that about Bill Clinton's past indiscretions right?  You'd think that Wolfson would realize that many people blame Bill's Monica scandal at least in part for Gore's loss.  You'd think that this high priced political operative would be able to see that he's opened up a can of worms for his employers.  To me, Wolfson's statement is just another example of the many ill-conceived statements made by Senator Clinton's campaign team members which contributed greatly to her loss.

          •  I don't disagree (1+ / 0-)
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            at all with your comment but I think we're 2 ships passing in the night here.  I've never been a Hillary supporter so have no personal feelings at stake but what I was attempting to say is that it's important to encourage the large numbers of Hillary supporters who aren't Pumas to join us in the Obama tent. To encourage (and not alienate) those that are tuned into the blogs it just seems sensible to cut back on the frequent Hillary slams that seem to pop up in comments everywhere on DK.

            •  I agree with you. (1+ / 0-)
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              I was trying to distinguish between Clinton's response and Wolfson's which many people seem to have a problem with doing.  I think Wolfson's goal here is two-fold: One to try to cover his own poor performance and two to promote his candidate over Edwards at least if not also Obama.  One would hope that at least a few Clinton supporters would see how dammaging this kind of silliness is to Senator Clinton herself as well as to the party in general.  I tend to think that she understands the bigger picture here than Wolfson does and doesn't deserve to be beaten up for his foolish remark.

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