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    It was the Republicans and their BS family values crap that gave Bush the presidency.

    Clinton did pretty good things for this country. There is something about the psyche of this country that we go through these cycles of Republicans getting into power and nearly destroying the country, then putting Democrats in to clean up the mess, and once the mess is cleaned up, Americans going for Republicans and their BS about taxes, having forgotten that Republicans are very bad for the majority in this country and that Democrats might not be exciting but they are measured.

    Slow and steady does win, but Americans want fast and flashy.

    It makes no sense whatsoever that this race is as close as it is in the wake of the damage the Bush Admin. has done.  Yet Bush won due to an affair that wasn't even Gore's.

    I'm sorry, but when you're dealing with an electorate like that, you've got to really do some acting to become president, which is another reason the whole Obama as authentic guy thing never flew with me.

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