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View Diary: It Must Have Been Beautiful to Do Science In Those Days. (78 comments)

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    Don't miss the slide show.  This is his astronomical  that was found in a ship wreck off Antikythera.

    Members of the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project (AMRP) and their colleagues used data from high-resolution, 360-degree x-ray scans to decipher markings as small as 0.06 inch (1.7 millimeters) tall on a spiral dial on the rear of the instrument. The five-twist spiral is inscribed with 235 sets of markings believed to indicate the months in a 19-year calendar

    Because of the dialect used in the labelling, they have concluded that the device was from Syracuse, and postulate that it was built from a design of Archimedes.

    If so, he was a sports fan--the calculator also told you when the Olympics started.

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