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  •  Man... (4.00)
    Man I love the internet...Actually, it wouldn't have surprised me if Cheney hadn't met Edwards...tough for Edwards to meet him since Cheney spent so much time in an undisclosed location creating his shadow government...


    by TexasDemocrat on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 08:44:17 PM PDT

    •  Senator Leahy said that Cheney (none)
      only meets with Republicans -- first president of the senate ever to have that policy.  Leahy obviously didn't know whether Cheney had met Edwards or no but offered this explanation if they hadn't met.

      Also Cheney had no idea why Congress was so divided, so polarized.  This Cheney policy may be one reason.  It doesn't help when Cheney tells Democrat Leahy to fuck off on the floor of the Senate....but Cheney has no earthly idea why things are so partisan...

      Dubya hates our freedom.

      by vaughn on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 08:57:19 PM PDT

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    •  asdf (none)
      Edwards won, but was missing chance after chance to really bury this guy on the facts.

      If the media does their job, they will take apart everything said and then we'll see who did a better job of speaking the truth tonite.

      •  Don't Forget... (none)
        Edwards had only his share of a mere 90 minutes to work with. If he had had a full 2 week trial, Chaney would have lost it. Edwards didn't miss a thing; he just hit Chaney with the biggest bombs he had, given the time he had. After all, you can only kick a dead horse so many times.

        Edwards wiped the floor with Chaney's ugly mug.

        Iraq is deja vu all over again.

        by chuco35 on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 09:15:37 PM PDT

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    •  Google is our friend (none)
      To the extent Cheney's comments implied he never sees Edwards in the Senate, here's another:

      And when the JGTRRA tax-cut bill came up for final passage May 23, 2003, Edwards and Kerry both voted "Nay." The vote was 50-50, and the measure became law only because Vice President Cheney cast the tie-breaking vote in his Constitutional role as President of the Senate.

    •  Come on this is not significant... (none)
      It doesn't change the price of tea in China... On the other hand this LIE does...

       I would be very disappointed if Kerry and Kosiacs spp? fail to pick up on this and run with it. I don't have a link... but the appearance of a link will depend on you guys. I'm surpised over an hour has passed and none of you have posted this.
      Cheney was caught by Chris Matthews of Hardball in a BIG LIE, with the video footage to back it up. Cheney stated in the debate when asked if he ever stated that there was a strong connection between Iraq and 9/11. Cheney replied unequivocally that he NEVER made such a statement. I think it's a Meet the Press video clip that Matthew played that showed without a doubt Cheney LIED in his response, Cheney had stated that Iraq was part of the fight against the people who attacked us on 9/11. To his credit he had to lie or esle his whole arguement falls apart on that one statement alone.

      Nooneelse is reporting this. It's up to you guys to to get this word out.

      Misleading Assertions Cover Iraq War and Voting Records

      By Glenn Kessler and Jim VandeHei Washington Post Staff Writers Wednesday, October 6, 2004; Page A15

      Sen. John Edwards and Vice President Cheney clashed repeatedly in their debate last night, making impressive-sounding but misleading statements on issues including the war in Iraq, tax cuts and each other's records, often omitting key facts along the way.

      Early in the debate, Cheney snapped at Edwards, "The senator has got his facts wrong. I have not suggested there's a connection between Iraq and 9/11." But in numerous interviews, Cheney has skated close to the line in ways that may have certainly left that impression on viewers,.....

      This article does not quote that specific video clip ..decause it was very definitive statement he made on Meet the Press ... there was no question, no suggestion ... he flat out said Iraq was linked to 9/11

      I've done my part. Don't let this be another missed opportunity.

      Get Your War On! -->

      by FLS on Tue Oct 05, 2004 at 11:33:11 PM PDT

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    •  I heard Cheney say it and immediately (none)
      doubted it.  I was surprised that Edwards didn't use the beginning of his next reply to go back to what Cheney said and remind Cheney that they had met at the prayer breakfast, or at Dole's swearing-in.  Maybe Edwards made the calculation that there were more important things to say at that point.  In any event, I note that the NYTimes in a little article connected to their debate coverage have a "fact checking" piece and they do not check this particular fact.  It's not on the front page of most of the papers and should be.  I never thought I'd say this, but kudos to Fox for at least running a piece calling Cheney's lie what it is.

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