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  •  Semi-Honest Assessment of the Debate (none)
    Edwards did fairly well.  I thought he stumbled in a few spots.  Stylistically, he didn't counter Cheney as well as he could have.  However, I thought he did pretty well.  Not as good as Kerry did the other night, but Kerry only had to face the Junior Varsity team.  Edwards was up against the Varsity.

    The biggest difference between Bush and Cheney is that Cheney is such a better liar.  He lies with such conviction that you almost want to believe him (maybe it's because he's evil).  The guy lies all over the place.  He's just much calmer and more polished than Bush.  Tonight's format really played to his strength.

    Final assessment, a slight advantage to Cheney on style points.  Edwards won on the facts, but facts and the Bush administration only have a passing familiarity.

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