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  •  Fake States (1+ / 0-)
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    A major problem here is that a lot of the boundaries of the former Soviet republics are pretty meaningless (same is true of former Yugoslav republics).  Stalin drew these boundaries, often deliberately splitting up populations or inserting, often forcibly, Russian populations within non-Russian republics, all for the purpose of making them easier to control.  When the Soviet Union came apart, the old boundaries stayed the same and everybody simply declared the old Soviet republics to be independent states, but that doesn't make the boundaries of those states any more rational.  So saying that something is "within the territory of Georgia" is not really very meaningful.  This is an even bigger problem in the case of "the Stans", the Central Asian republics, and this is going to be a monstrous problem over the next few years when those countries start coming apart at the seams, especially because you are also going to have to deal with radical Islam as a factor.  Nobody likes Putin (other than Gorbachev, going back to Ivan the Terrible it's hard to think of any Russian leader than Westerners liked), but it does not serve anybody's interest to back him into a corner and push him into a confrontational relationship with the West.  We are going to need a stable Russia in the years ahead, and we ought to be working with him diplomatically.

    •  Sounds like the Iraq border situation. (0+ / 0-)

      But I have to wonder sometimes, as a bystander, what is it that makes these states within Georgia, and other provinces within other former Soviet states, want to be so "independent"... Who wants, for example, to be a landlocked province in the Caucasus, like Ossetia? Just wondering.

      •  Very Much Iraq (0+ / 0-)

        Usually fake states come about when some outside power is drawing boundaries to serve its own interests, and not because some group of people get together and assert the right to be a country.  In the case of Iraq, it was the British doing the manipulation.  My view is that the ultimate key is economic empowerment.  If you had economic development in these places, they could be independent or not and it would not really make much difference, like the way Flanders may soon become an independent country.

        •  So the Ossetians are just (0+ / 0-)

          gravitating towards Russia because they are a better bet, economically? That makes perfect sense to me. Who could argue with that? It is just a power play by political players. The poor people who were bombed in their apartments and in the streets were just, as usual, "collateral damage". Their families will have to be compensated, but perhaps it will be worth it to the players.

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