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  •  Just want to report... (none)
    ... that I've been online doing polls for three hours, I did everyone I could find.  My son says I'm a cyber-nerd!  Edwards is way ahead everywhere in the country, that is everywhere that they still dare to keep a poll open with Cheney making such a pathetic showing.   Average I would say 80/20 or better in Edwards favor.  

    If you go to the DNC website (I'm sure you already know this) you can use their letter engine (still set up for Kerry, but works for Edwards, too... I just used it) to send to 3 newspapers.  I sent a letter for Kerry a couple of days ago and was called today by the L.A. Daily News so I think they're going to print it.  Here is what I said about the VP debate (I tried to keep it short):

    It was clear in the vice-presidential debate that Cheney did not have the answers to the big questions about why we are in Iraq and how it has made the world safer.  Nor did he have any answers about how the Bush administration's "tax relief" for the wealthiest American's is going to help educate our children, provide affordable health care, create jobs, or finance extravagant imperialist ventures.  He couldn't explain why what looks like chaos and misery in Iraq is supposed to be freedom. Cheney offered no strategies for winning the peace, bringing home our troops, or rebuilding Iraq.  He stuck to the trademark Republican Party line which exploits the tragedies of 9/11/01 for their own political gain.  Edwards was well-informed, succinct, and personable, and he made a convincing case that we can do better.  I believe we can.

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