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  •  Mary Cheney and life-partner (none)
    Before the debate began, C-SPAN showed the audience and it looked like Mary was in the front row next to Lynne on one side, and her lesbian partner on the other. As expected, the issue of gay and lesbian marriages came up in the context of the proposed constitutional amendment, and mention was made about the Veep daughter.

    But what really caught my attention was Mary's partner joining the candidates and moderator on the stage after the debate.

    Mary, Mary. When will she distance herself publicly and forcefully from Bush's antigay policies?

    •  You don't understand... (none)
      The Republicans in charge have no intention of really pushing the Gay issue...

      It's solely about motivating the base.

      But in the end the base loses.

      But they'll be happy, because they gave Mary Cheney a tax cut.

      It's bizarre...

      Nice guy or not, if we're at war and I get to choose the guy in the foxhole next to me, I'll pick Kerry. At least I know he's gonna watch my back.

      by Steve4Clark on Wed Oct 06, 2004 at 04:02:20 AM PDT

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