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  •  Was Edwards in the Senate Group Photo? (none)
    I posted this in an earlier thread, but since it seems relevant to your request for "more", I am copying over to this thread, apologies for any breach of etiquette...

    Anybody know where one might find the Senate group photo from the session at which Cheney dropped the F-Bomb?
    I haven't been able to find it, but I have found out the following:

    The photo was apparently taken on June 22.

    Edwards was apparently in the Senate that day, according to voting records.

    Based on that, it's reasonable to think he probably showed up for the photo session too.

    Edwards would have been 1 out of 100 there but the point is, if he was there, Cheney certainly had the opportunity to meet him if he wanted to, and probably had the same opportunity at least three times previously if the photo is taken every year.

    But I think it would be beautiful if it turns out that Edwards was in the room on the day that Cheney was dropping the F-Bomb.

    If anyone knows how to research this and get a definitive answer, go at it.

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