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  •  Cheney's attitude was and is a huge turnoff! (none)
    Here's my email to various media outlets...he really did strike me as a mean ol'badger!

    Edwards won.  Cheney's patronizing, disdainful, supercilious attitude doesn't play out here on mainstreet USA.  We aren't impressed with his type of boardroom gamesmanship.

    Cheney acted like a grumpy ol'badger, distorting both Kerry's and Edward's record and positions. (Voters do get it that the true intent behind Congressional voting records can be manipulated like overcooked luiguini.)  Cheney seemed very out of touch with real-life domestic issues; real American life as experienced working a non-senior management job in the private sector today; and, he is completely satisfied with the status quo of this administration.

    Edwards was up to the task at hand, wasn't flustered by Cheney's growling condescension nor his snide allegations. He'll make a great VP.

    Edwards drove home the point that it is time for change giving many reasons that new ideas and fresh approaches are sorely needed on foreign affairs and domestic issues.  He asked if voters want 4 more years of the same mismanagement.  If not, he asked us to elect the new Kerry/Edwards team who will make us stronger and keep us safer!

    It's past time for this change!

    •  "Win"? Kinda sorta (none)
      Methinks the fallout from this debate won't stem from substance as much as character. Both Cheney and Edwards hadn't spent much time in the spotlight, so the debate served to re-introduce them to prime time. With Cheney averaging a lie a second (rather effective debate strategy) and Edwards struggling to keep up (and dropping a few of his own), the substance side will depend on post-debate fact checking. Past performance of the media indicates a close-to-zero chance of that happening, so the substance side will end up a wash.

      Therefore, I believe the consensus that Edwards "won" the debate had more to do with his hopeful demeanor (vs. Cheney's cloud of doom) than any "zingers". As usual, people think of the election as a popularity contest.

      Dems come out ahead because of Johnny Sunshine, but I still find something fundamentally disturbing about people who'll vote like this election's the Super Bowl.

      "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?"
      -John Maynard Keynes

      by Dragonchild on Wed Oct 06, 2004 at 04:07:21 AM PDT

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