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  •  Fact Checking the Fact Checkers (4.00)
    Washington Post has a pretty well done fact check article. But one egregious error leaped out at me:

    Glenn Kessler and Jim VandeHei say:

    Edwards asserted that "millionaires sitting by their swimming pool . . . pay a lower tax rate than the men and women who are receiving paychecks for serving" in Iraq. President Bush last year cut the tax rate on dividends to 15 percent, whereas most soldiers would be in a 15 percent tax bracket -- and pay an effective rate much less after taking deductions for children and mortgages.

    Two problems with this: one, it swallows the Republican sleight of hand that wants us to forget the heavily regressive payroll tax. According to experts, upwards of 80% of workers making less than $40,000 per year pay more in payroll taxes than they do in income taxes. Millionaires only pay payroll taxes on the first $80,000 of their income. And two, isn't it a little glib to the point of "let them eat cake" to suggest soldiers can take "deductions for children and mortgages" which most 18-23 year olds do not have?

    I'm sure this is just the case that they were documenting so many Cheney lies that they felt they had to throw in some Edwards' staements for balance. The trouble is, Edwards is absolutely right on this one...

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