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  •  Interesting comment on the front page of that site (none)

    The best instant reaction from tonight's debate comes from a gentleman with whom I find little political agreement, as a rule. David Franke writes,

        "My immediate reaction to the vice presidential candidates' debate tonight, October 5: Let's reverse our two party's slates! Let's vote for vice president, not president. Both vice presidential candidates tonight proved themselves immeasurably more literate, thoughtful, and competent on the issues than the head of their tickets."

    True enough. Even though I have to say that Dick Cheney beat John Edwards like a cheap rug - David's right. I'd much rather see three or four more contests between these two than their respective presidential nominees.

    Concise version - even the Republicans believe Kerry would make a better Commander In Chief.


    (O/T - There's a Honda ad on in the UK right now, with a catchy little song sung in a Leonard Cohen stylee. It's about clean diesel engines, but it applies to Bush too.. it goes

    Hate something.
    Change something.
    Hate something, change something, make something BETTER).

    Keep it up, folks, you're doing a tremendous job.

    •  Not exactly (none)
      The quote implies flipping the tickets to Edwards/Kerry vs. Cheney/Bush and does not imply a belief that Kerry is superior CiC.  In fact, it implies that both Bush and Kerry aren't great options which is something most of the country agrees with.

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