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  •  Even If Debate A Tie; Cheney Will Lose Spin (none)
    Cheney's lie about not having met Edwards before last night may seem like a little thing, but it's not.  I am a trial lawyer and I believe it's the kind of lie that makes people question everything else Cheney had to say.  It's a lie that is simple and understood by the public, especially because it's backed up by photos.  It make's the uncommitted ask "why did he lie about that?"  And then they question his veracity about other things.  When they start questioning, then they will also discover that he lied about never having claimed that Saddam was connected to 9/11 etc.  It also makes them put more stock in the Halliburton allegations against Cheney.

    Someone should check Cheney's attendance record in the House and see how it compares with Edwards.

    The media will play this angle as well.

    For all his supposed brains, Cheney shot himself in the foot last night.

    •  CNN is starting the counterspin (none)
      CNN right now is showing the videotape of Cheney and Edwards sitting right next to each other at the prayer breakfast. Even that old hack Bill Schneider was saying that Cheney thought this would be his "Lloyd Bentsen-JFK smackdown moment" and it's completely backfiring.

      I agree, minndem - it only shows what a proficient liar Cheney is.

      •  Cheney is NOT a proficient liar (none)
        He's proficient at one part of lying, which is not having a facial expression that shows fear, remorse, or doubt when he lies.

        Cheney is aided by the fact that his facial expression seems to be stuck on "severely constipated", which helps him in these types of situations.

        On the other hand, a truly proficient liar lies in ways that are difficult to verify.  Cheney falls on his face on this one.  This flaw hasn't really hurt him lately, because the main stream press has made no real efforts to check him out.

        He's also not quick on his feet.  The "never met Edwards" sounds like a prepped lie, but he was only mildly better at moving of talking points than his boss (or thrall, depending on who's asking.)

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