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  •  unlike Cheney, I can admit when I'm wrong! (none)
    last night, I thought Cheney won handily, with his slick elderstatesman persona (slick LYING) while I feared Edwards was fumbling and unfocused.  Papantonio on AAR this AM expressed some of my concerns about Edwards being too Opie like; making a mistake humanizing C.

    But I'm very happy this AM to find the polls are good news, and more importantly that the media (with blogger help) is exposing Cheney LIES.

    Tweety laid a BIG can of whupass on Cheney and spokesthug Ginsburg about C's claim never to have linked Osama and 911... (this is obviously a BIG deal for Tweety.. he also made the point that the number of jobs isn't relevant so much as the fact that so many people are UNDERemployed, in lowpaying job).

    So now I hope to see a D ad:  "trivial lies [did C ever meet JE] and big lies [Osama and 911]... can you EVER trust this administration to tell the truth? "

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