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  •  missed opportunity... (none)
    Neither Edwards nor Kerry mentioned anything at all about Chalabi in either debate -- people seem to have forgotten about him altogether.

    It's pretty clear that Chalabi sold the administration a pack of lies and fairy tales about what they could expect in Iraq.  It's pretty clear that the CIA warned the administration that Chalabi was not credible.  The administration didn't listen to the CIA.  Chalabi as much as admitted that he lied in order to get us to take out Saddam.  Then we find that Chalabi is working with Iran.  We gave him millions of dollars, we allowed ourselves to be duped by him, and perhaps most important -- we compounded those errors by inexplicably letting the Iranians know that we had the ability to decode their secret communications when the administration finally figured out they'd been duped.

    Does America know any of this?  Probably not.

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