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  •  fascinating and horrifying (4+ / 0-)

    I can't help but wonder.  Given the frightening level of spying on ordinary Americans, how total has the spying on Congressmembers been?  Are Dems being blackmailed and/or threatened?

    Think about it.  All they'd have to say to Pelosi is do you want to see your grandchildren live to be adults?  Does anyone doubt Bush and Cheney are capable of that?

    Of course, Pelosi could just be corrupted herself, but I don't want to think so.

    •  They're threatened by their own complicity (3+ / 0-)
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      tikkun, greenearth, James Kresnik

      and by cowardice. They boxed themselves in with those two "strategies" and now seem convinced that they do support spying. You can rationalize anything to yourself. National security, you know.

      The alternative explanation - that they've always liked the idea of a police state - is even more frightening. But I don't think Bush has anything on these people that they didn't give freely. Had they put up a fight early on I would agree with you. But there was no need for BushCo to bother with sinister threats.

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