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View Diary: Is Steve Clemmons correct that Wes Clark is NOT invited to Denver? (106 comments)

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  •  I may be a Clark zealot, as you put it. But (3+ / 0-)

    that is because I see the ruination of empire building threatening to take this country off the rails.
    I am travelling in Canada right now and the Conservative Canadian premier is a chip off of Bush's shoulder.

    He is cutting down on arts grants to those who do not reinforce the "party line".

    This is reminiscent of the cutting grants to PBS etc. in the U.S.

    The political pressure is to stifle any criticism that may threaten the global multinationals and policies that fatten their profits.

    Clark has been inside the bowels of the military industrial complex and understands that unbridled conquest on behalf of that behemoth threatens the tenets of our democracy.
    He is for transparency, the rule of law and legitimacy based on justice and fairness.

    Bush pulled back a curtain for us and this is our chance to shift course onto a sustainable path.
    That would require facing the truth about a son of empire McCain...Clark has the strength and integrity to do that.

    That is why, as you put it, I am a zealot.

    But I am really a realist who is quite saddened today as I see the grip of empire winnning regardless who wins in November because we are unwilling to face the truth.

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